Office Interior Design, Home Decor, Furnitures, Retail, Hong Kong



We do residential home interior design, ranging from private homes, big apartments to detached houses.

Office Space


We have a professional team who only focused on office space projects.

Retail Shops & Restaurants


Our experience span from pop-up stores, department stores, luxury products to restaurants.

Building Materials Sourcing


Do you want to keep your cost low and maintaining good quality of the materials you need? No matter you are direct clients, interior designers or a contracting firm, our experienced sourcing team can help. 

Customized Furnitures


Spaces and stores are precious and key for home decor and commercial spaces. We can custom made the right furnitures for your needs for homes, offices, retail shops, restaurants or pop-up stores. home decor

Branding, Corporate Identity & Logo




  • Branding is the overall perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.
  • Corporate identity is the bigger picture of all the visual and sensual aspects of a company .
  • A logo is a graphic element that succinctly and quickly identifies a company. 
  • Our Team from Smart-One who specializes in this area will be able to work hand in hand with you.



A brand image is comprised of every experience a person has with that company, person, product or service.  Creating a successful and appealing brand requires proper strategy,positioning, marketing and messaging to appeal to a company’s target market. Ultimately a brand is formed by the audience—the customers, based on not just the strategy, positioning, marketing and logo created by an agency, but the behavior, ethics, and values of the company as well. When a customer feels in sync with a company, it is an emotional bond, a connection based on shared vision and values.

Corporate Identity


The corporate identity is the visual aspects that form the overall branding. Including your office, shops, logo design; stationery; marketing collaterals, website design, email, social media; TVC, magazine, advertisments; product design and packaging; employee uniforms; corporate signage and vehicle graphics.  



A logo identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon